Vallée Blanche

Vallée Blanche, one of the longest and most famous glacial ski descents in the world. A 23km ride with 2800m of height lost from the Aiguille du midi (3842m) to Chamonix (1050m). The views are spectacular, surrounded by the towering snow covered rock spires of the Mont Blanc range, and the skiing features everything you could possibly want; powder, slopes of varying degrees, and couloirs. All this within a cable car ride from Chamonix!

In good conditions, Vallée Blanche is available to all intermediate to advanced skiers. You need to be a confident off-piste skier and able to control your speed and direction on steep slopes and in a variety of snow conditions. The finish is either at the Montenvers railway station, or if there is enough snow you can ski all the way down to Chamonix. The whole trip takes around 4-6 hours and a good level of fitness and ability to ski over a sustained period of time will make the journey all the more enjoyable.

Choice of possible itineraries:

Classic Route

This is usually the easiest way down and follows the least steep line, but is no less exciting than any of the other routes. After walking down the infamous Arête out of the Aiguille du Midi cable car station, you put your skis on and the magnificence of the Vallée Blanche opens out before you.

Petit Envers du Plan

A more challenging route which includes some steeper sections. More direct than the Classic, it weaves its way through a series of beautiful ice features and crevasses, providing lots of interesting variants and possibilities. As a result it is often less frequented than the Classic route. For good skiers, and with a lot of powder, it provides a very interesting descent.

Grand Envers

One the most challenging routes down the Vallée Blanche, and a classic for advanced skiers. Steeper and more technical it provides an adrenalin filled day in one of the most inspirational environments to ski.

Do I need a mountain guide?

Yes – unless you and everyone in your group are experienced off-piste skiers who are also experienced in navigating glacial terrain and crevasse rescue.

Vallée Blanche is a high-mountain off-piste skiing experience where hazards such as crevasses are very real. An experienced mountain guide will be able to recognise changes and shifts in the terrain and choose the safest route accordingly. The route is unsafe to navigate in bad weather. Skiing level and ability also play an important part in the safety of the descent and your guide will be able to ascertain the most appropriate route for all in the group. In some cases your guide may wish to see you ski off-piste beforehand e.g. at Brévent.